Pancretan Association of America
June 30-July 5, 2017
San Francisco, California 


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John Monolakis, Chair and Diane Kounalakis, Co-Chair--PAA SF 2017 Convention

Welcome Party--Demetra Monolakis & Kim Panos

Cretan Night--John & Sia Sooklaris; Dean & Maria Nicolacakis

Picnic--The Cretan Chapter of Marin County

Women's Night & Cultural Program--Roxanne Koston

Grand Banquet (with guest entertainer Tony Orlando)--Kathy Roque-Albert

Farewell Party--Nick & Ludi Varanis; George & Voula Fanourgiakis

PYA Events--Effie Zaharoudakis & Archilleas Fourakis

Album--Ari Stratakis

Underwriting--Diane Kounalakis & John Monolakis

Raffle--Tom Monolakis

Bus Transportation--Dorris and Manoli Koutantos

Registration--Kathy Dermitzakis, Foula Vasilogiorgis, Liberty Nuris